conference ID

Erwin Redl (
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 02:13:01 -0500

Hi there!

Just got CU_SeeMe and tried it out for the first time - but I couldn't get
any video or audio at all.

Well, I know (don't have a digitizer, no camera ...) but at least I wanted
to try out if I can recieve anything from a reflector. Got all the infos
from the CU_SeeMe Web-eventlist for 24 hour stuff but still - silence,
darkness, cosmic emptyness ...

The result was 'no response (followed by the I.P. address)' - thanx a lot
honey but ...

so the ReadMe.txt guy mentioned that you have to know the right conference
I.D. to receive the program - thanx a lot sweetie but how can I get this

Is there another way to test the program ...

Oh, my Mac Centris 650, MacTCP, V.34 Modem, etc. should be okay

Thanx for getting me started,