Help w/Creative Labs SE100

90FS/SCM MSgt Robert J. Moore (
Wed, 27 Sep 95 22:54:00 PDT

Hi Everyone,
I have just recieved my Creative Labs SE100 Capture Card and all
associated equipment needed for CU-SeeMe 0.70b. I've seen this asked before
but please could someone give me an answer for this problem. I'm getting
lines on the local video window, no picture. The error messages I'm getting
are "Capture driver not installed properly" followed by two "Invalid handle"
messages, then the screen that should be showing 'me' comes up with lines or
"noise" in it. I have been able to view the reflectors w/no problems. I
need help ASAP because I want to send a computer with CUSM overseas next
week. Thank you all for your help.

CU Later
Robert Moore
Elmendorf AFB Alaska