Re: a proposal [?]

Pratap (
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 00:52:33 +0530

>I'm getting about 30 or so messages a day from the various CU-SeeMe
>lists. I would like to be able to identify in the subject line to
>which platforms the messages are related. For example...
>This is a message about CU-SeeMe on the Macintosh [M]
>This is a message about CU-SeeMe on Windows [W]
>This is a message about CU-SeeMe on Unix [U]
>This is a general message. [?]

It is really a nice idea and i feel it is must. I think only few people
will be interested to receive ideas or questions regarding other platforms
than that of he is working in. I guess this is the reason lot of guys
unscribe (unsubscribe) soon after they subscribe to this list. We should be
able to subscribe to sublists (like Mac CU-SeeMe, Wind...) instead of main
CU-SeeMe list.

- pratap