[A] New Idea (Was: conference ID)

Halvor Kise jr. (halvork@hiof.no)
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 09:48:18 +0100 (MET)

Hello Erwin and the rest of you videoconference gurus,

It looks like very many first-timers get scared off because of the "No
response from.." error message. This error only means that the reflector
is not up and running. The first-timers often just have one or two IP# to
reflectors, and if all of them are outdated old reflectors that is not
running.... Maybye there should be provided a IP# to a test-reflector at
Cornell or WPine with the software? After they have tested the software
and seen that it work then tey would be eager to get a bigger list of
reflectors. This would help first-timers to be old-timers :-)
At the reflector that we run here in Norway(, we always have
a CU session running on the reflector just to show people who visit in
the middle of night that the reflector works. This makes shure that noone
gets the feeling of "silence, darkness and cosmic emptyness" :-)
Ideas anyone?

And to you Erwin, the conference ID is always 0. If it is not, it is not
intended that you should join. Also get a list of more active reflectors.
Have a look at http://www.jungle.com/msattler/sci-tech/comp/CU-SeeMe/
I dont know how good a V.34 modem is for CU, but dont count on several
windows and CD-quality sound. ;-)
Hang out there and good luck!

- Halvor.

On Thu, 28 Sep 1995, Erwin Redl wrote:
> Just got CU_SeeMe and tried it out for the first time - but I couldn't get
> any video or audio at all.
> Well, I know (don't have a digitizer, no camera ...) but at least I wanted
> to try out if I can recieve anything from a reflector. Got all the infos
> from the CU_SeeMe Web-eventlist for 24 hour stuff but still - silence,
> darkness, cosmic emptyness ...
> The result was 'no response (followed by the I.P. address)' - thanx a lot
> honey but ...
> so the ReadMe.txt guy mentioned that you have to know the right conference
> I.D. to receive the program - thanx a lot sweetie but how can I get this
> I.D.?
> Is there another way to test the program ...
> Oh, my Mac Centris 650, MacTCP, V.34 Modem, etc. should be okay
> Thanx for getting me started,
> Erwin

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