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Thu, 28 Sep 95 08:48 EST

For all who have been asking and wondering (including me), here is
the apparent definitive answer from Connectix Customer Service.

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Dear Sir,

QuickCam for Windows will be available in late October at your local retail
store or PC mail order catalog for around $100. It will be Windows '95

Best Regards,
Christine Rosenfeld
Sales Representative


Everything You Need to Make Movies and Take Pictures
Using QuickCam* for Windows is the easy way to make movies and take pictures
with your PC. QuickCam from Connectix is the first affordable, easy-to-use
digital still and video camera for Windows.
QuickCam uses direct digital imaging to create grayscale movies and still
pictures. The included software makes using the camera a snap. Use the images
you create in the programs supplied or add your movies and pictures to
thousands of other Windows applicationsQvirtually anything that supports
Windows AVI movies or standard Windows BMP or TIFFimages.
Installation is easyQjust plug in the cable, insert the disk and start the
Setup utility. Seconds later, youUre ready to create your first movie or take
your first picture. ThereUs no need to take apart your computer, set switches
or purchase additional hardware. QuickCam even works with portable computers
that have a parallel port.
Make Movies
You supply the talent, QuickCam does the rest. Add video to your training
materials. Add moving images to your business presentations. Let your children
put themselves into edutainment products like KidPix. Send mail with a video of
your new product in action. Record messages for your remote staff. QuickCam is
so amazingly convenient and easy to use you can decide to record video anytime
or anywhere!

Snap Pictures
QuickCam lets you instantly add pictures to any program that supports standard
Windows BMP or TIFF images. Add photos to your documents and brochures. Dress
up your newsletter. Put employee pictures on badges and in your employee
database. Catalog your valuables for insurance reporting. Add product
photographs to your presentations. Create wallpaper for your desktop. Grab a
starter image for work with Photoshop. And thereUs no long wait to see the
image like there is with other still digital cameras. QuickCm makes instant
digital photography truly instantQas easy as point and click!
Have Fun
Use the software included with QuickCam to put yourself in the picture.
QuickCam includes a screen saver with live video! Create a photo gallery for
your desktop. In addition, QuickCam software integrates perfectly with the PC,
so you can add live video and still images to all of your favorite Windows
applications. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
QuickCam Technology
QuickCam is a fully digital video camera. It uses a state-of-the-art, black and
white Charge-Coupled-Device (CCD) array to accurately capture 4-bit grayscale
video and 6-bit still images. QuickCam sends these digital bits directly to
your PC through a parallel port, such as your computerUs built-in printer port.
This gives you higher quality at a lower cost than solutions that convert to
analog video and back. The array can capture images up to 320x240 pixels, or
about a quarter of a standard VGA monitor.

QuickCamUs lens has a 65! field of view, about the same as a camera with a
wide-angle lens (equivalent to a 38mm lens on a 35mm camera). Focus is fixed
from 18" to infinity. Frame rates are up to 18 per second for a 160x120 pixel
image (frame rates may be limited by the performance of your PC). QuickCam
connects to your PCUs parallel port using the 5' cable supplied QuickCam is
truly plug-and-play.
Standard Features
l CCD-based digital video camera
l Resolution up to 320x240 pixels
l Windows-based movie recorder and editor
l Windows-based still picture capture utility
l Microsoft Video for Windows included
l Camera stand
l Tripod socket for permanent mounting capability
l PC equipped with a 386, 486, Pentium or equivalent processor.
l Windows 3.1 or 3.11, Windows for Workgroups 3.1 or 3.11.
l Standard 25-pin parallel port (for example, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3).
Unidirectional and EPP ports are also supported.
l 4 MBs of RAM required.
l Hard disk required to store movies.
l Sound card (for example, SoundBlaster) required for audio in movies.

Connectix provides toll-free technical support and a satisfaction guarantee for
all its products.

Connectix Corporation
2655 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA
800.950.5880 % 415.571.5100 % Fax: 415.571.5195

) 1995 Connectix Corporation. QuickCam is a trademark of Connectix Corporation.
All other trademarks are property of their respective holders

Date: 9/26/95 7:54 AM
To: Customer Service
From: Rob Fleetwood

Have seen your Ad in several PC magazines lately but have been unable
to find the QuickCam in any computer store in the Washington, DC area.
Would you possibly have a list of retailers who are carrying it?

Thanks very much. (An e-mail reply would be appreciated.)

Rob Fleetwood

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