Patrick Arnoul (
Thu, 28 Sep 95 16:17:34 +0100

| On Tue, 19 Sep 1995, Patrick Arnoul wrote:
| > Testing...
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| > Guess why ;-)
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| Umm because your french???
| <G>
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Ha ha ha, good point Rob... Well I was rather testing the listserv before
leaving for a trip and trying to escape from the CUSM list !
BTW it worked yesterday (back from my trip with over 300 pieces of mail...),
the only difference I see is that I did not put any subject in the message,
just the (now famous) UNSUBSCRIBE CU-SEEME-L as the first line of the message
If this can help the CUSM community. Note that you know when it works as you
receive a farewell message from the listserv.

Seems that the French tests over there are more robust (sorry about that,
I couldn't resist).