Re: a proposal [?]

Preston F. Crow (Preston.F.Crow@Dartmouth.EDU)
28 Sep 95 11:45:36 EDT

This sounds a lot like splitting a newsgroup, which I think is what
we really need to do. To start with, someone could set up
alt.videoconferencing.cuseeme and forward all messages from
the list to the group. If it's set up as a moderated newsgroup
with the mailing list as the moderator, people could post to
it as well (there are better ways of doing that, but it would

Alt groups are easy to make. The main problem would be getting
the messages posted.

Or does anyone have experience with the bit.listserv groups?
That is probably a simpler way to go, but I'm not sure how
widely carried those groups are.

Or maybe go through the offical process of creating
comp.videoconferencing.cuseeme (.misc, .mac, .pc, .reflector),
and then dumping the list altogether. I would be
in favor of this, personally.