Re: Reflector list

Sam Neal (
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 15:05:58 -0500

Thanks to everyone who responded to my request. A number of people were
even kind enough to send me a copy of the reflector list itself.

Cindy McAuliffe let me know Mr. Sattler is on sabbatical until December, so
we shouldn't expect to hear anything from him. As John Lauer pointed out,
the list is available from inspecting the source of MSattler's pages:

To some extent, I feel like a looter, illictly taking goods from MSattler's
eshop while he's away, but at the same time, Digicash isn't responding to
my enquiries and Mr. Sattler is gone. I'd be happy to take a legitimate
route to the data, but...

Also, as others have pointed out, Chuck Sattler has made a modified-for-PC
verison of the list available at and

Again, thanks to everyone for your help. My apologies in advance to Mr.
Sattler. I tried, but the current implementation of ecash leaves a lot to
be desired. I only hope commercial licensees of the technology give better
customer service.