Questions from a potential new user

Scot Forbes (
Thu, 28 Sep 95 18:25:13 TZ

I'm looking for a low-cost internet video-conferencing solution (aren't
we all?) and I have some questions about CU-SeeMe under Windows95:

1) Can I use CU-SeeMe with a SLIP/PPP connection (specifically a Netcom
NetCruiser or MSN account) or do I need my own IP address?

2) Can I use it under Windows95 with a Connectix QuickCam for Windows
and a video playback-capable graphics card like the Daimond Stealth 64
video 3200 on each end?

3) Is audio supported under Windows95 using QuickCam? If not, can I
use Internet Phone in conjunction with CU-SeeMe?

Thanx much!
-Scot Forbes