Re: Problem w/ CU-seeme Win

Billbo (
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 13:15:32 GMT

On Thu, 28 Sep 1995 09:27 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>I have just recently downloaded CU-seeme for Windows and I am having
>trouble getting it to load. If this question is answered in an FAQ please
>point me in the right direction.
>After a system boot and launch of Windows when I start CUseeme.exe I get
>the following error:
>WSAAsyncSelect() blew chow. (20050) followed by Problems at startup
>CU-SeeMe will exit.
>If I try it again I get:
>Error binding to VideoSend port (10048) followed by Problems at startup
>CU-SeeMe will exit.
>Here is my config.
>HP Vectra XM 5/75 (Pentium 75mhz)
>integrated PCI video (1mb) - Cirrus chipset
>16 mb RAM
>Novell VLMs v1.21
>Novell LWP winsock v4.12
>no video capture equipment
>runtime versions of MS Video for Windows & Apple Quicktime (playback
>If any of you have some ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate
>the assist.
>Chip Freund
>LAN Manager
>John Carroll University
> or
>PS If you hadn't guessed I am new to this list. Please forgive any newbe

You might check with Novell about their Winsock DLL. I recently was
invloved in a similar situation with a customer. It turned out that
the WSAAsyncSelect() routine in Winsock was not working correctly in a
version of the software. I wish I had more information...but that's
all I have right now. I'll poke around and see what version they
resolved it with.

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