Willmaaaa......Get me off this thing

Fri, 29 Sep 1995 09:55:41 EST

I woke up this AM to a few dozen e-mails from the CU-SEEME
list. The problem being that I unsubscribed last week. I know I
unsubscribed as I received a note back confirming so. Fine says I,
and promptly put my faith in technology.... but I keep getting mail.
Fine says I and promply wrote to listproc@cornell.edu with
"unsubscribe CU-SEEME-L" in the body and got this back:

>DAWSONM@CSDSERVER3.CSD.SC.EDU: You are not subscribed to list CU-SEEME-L@cornell.edu
>If you wish to contact a person, please send mail to cpk4@cornell.edu .
>To get general help on Listproc, please send the command:
>in the body of the message to listproc@cornell.edu.
>PS: Any subsequent requests you might have submitted in the same message
>have been ignored.

..... Ok, admit it people, this is all part of some practical joke,
Mark Dawson, Computer Services, Univ. of South Carolina
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