Re: Reflector 4.0b3 and NV

David O. Bundy (
Fri, 29 Sep 1995 17:00:14 -0400

You need someone watching your video on the local reflector at the top
of the BCC or NV chain to have NV, BCC or MCAST forward out the video. In the
readme I mentioned I added the -broadcast mode when starting the reflector
to force the video out to a NV or BCC or MCAST. Note that this forces out all
video of those connected to the top reflector.

We did run into bugs at the Interop show we will be working on next which
1. BCC chain refelectors where getting video but not audio.
2. With a reflector set to only receive video/audio from certain
IP'S and NO-LOCAL-SENDERS it worked fine for CU-SeeMe apps but
the video of lurkers how connected and still where trying to send
video was forwarded out NV.

3. Crashed a few times :-(

Dave B.

>Some early observations about reflector 4.0b3 and NV:
>1. If UNICAST-REF is defined in reflect.conf, the reflector will completely
> ignore any NV unicast connections.
>2. Ditto with ADMIT-BCC-CLIENT
>This was on the IRIX reflector.
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