Re: CuSeeMe and TIA

Jonathan Caldwell (
Sat, 30 Sep 1995 18:35:35 -0400 (EDT)

A couple of people have indicated that it is possible to use SLIRP and
CU-SeeMe successfully. Noone is telling us how they're doing it though.
Can you indicate the steps necessary to accomplish this? I've read
through the CONFIG and README for SLIRP 0.9o (is this v.95?), but I've
yet to get SLIRP and CU-SeeMe working together.

The SLIRP CONFIG file relates the following to be placed in the users
.slirprc configuration file;

redir X

where X is a specific port you are trying to redirect. X in SeeMe's case is
7648, udp, right? When i choose the, configure Trumpet to use
that IP address, and add it to the HOSTS file, SeeMe refuses to load.

I've tried using an IP address that falls into our Class C range in all
appropriate places with the same results. Anyone who uses Trumpet and
SLIRP successfully have suggestions?