Re: Slirp..CU-SeeMe...IP address
Sat, 30 Sep 1995 21:42:11 -0700

>On Sat, 30 Sep 1995 wrote:
>> tks for the reply but could you tell me what are your settings for slirp
>To get cuseeme to receive video, I did nothing special in slirp. but to
>make a site to site connection I made a port redirection. here's me
>baudrate 57600 # or any other baud rate
>compress # This is to use Van Jacobson compression in the SLIP headers..
>redir tcp 5000 to #redir ftp port for pc
>redir udp 7648 to # CuSeeMe Port
>redir udp 22555 to # Internet Phone port?A
>#redir tcp 5050 to
>#redir udp 5060 to
>#add ptyexec csh
>#add ptyexec csh
>#redir tcp 5050 to #redir telnet port for pc
>#redir udp 5050 to 7648
>#redir udp 5050 to
>redir X #redir X-term port for pc
>shell csh
>Also, make sure you hosts file wherever winsock.dll is loacated has your
> <ip address> and <pc name> in one line.
>Enrique Z Chavez
>Univeristy of Arizona
tks for your reply but still no luck if I follow you instructions and put
in my slirpc
redir udp 7648 to
Icannot connect to any reflector but myself .By the way I'm usin a mac .
Mac tcp say ( equivalent of winshock)
Ip Address
Obtain address :server
Gateway address :192.1100.81.100
Class A
Address :

Any Idea