Re: CU-Seeme ftp site

Bill Woodland (
Mon, 31 Aug 1998 22:43:35 -0500

At 07:39 PM 8/31/98 -0700, Laurent wrote:
>This is the message that I get everytime I try to log to the CU ftp site.
>Can anyone let me know if the site is down or something else. Do I need
>to log as a user? I tried a 100 times even in the middle of the night!!!
>Could not login to FTP server
>Our appologies, but there are currently too many active anonymous FTP
>sessions. Please try again later.
>User anonymous access denied.

If you get that message after that many tries (especially at that time
slot) then the FTP server has gotten hung up and needs to be restarted. I
used to know who to contact, but they've left Cornell. I'm don't know if
there's anyone left at Cornell who would be willing to take the time to
correct this situation.

Email me directly, and if I have the file you want, I"ll forward it on to you.

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