Re: M-JPEG Codec Update 1.11 good for WP CU Client?

Chris Silverberg (
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 08:31:47 -0400

> Ok, I got a question on this one. Is it a good idea to use this new version
> of M-JPEG with White Pine's CU client?
> I've tried works........but is it supposed to be better? White
> Pine's version of M-JPEG was numbered 1.13 and this new M-JPEG at
> is called 1.11.......confusing.......1.13 came before 1.11
> (just released today) I said the 1.11 *will* work.......but I
> dunno which I should use. Can someone make a clarification or
> recommendation on this?

I spoke with PMatrix recently and I got the scoop on this.

White Pine originally licensed source code to version 1.02 of the PMatrix
MJPEG codec. Since then White Pine has enhanced their version of the codec
to version 1.13.

The PMatrix codec is now up to version 1.11. PMatrix and White Pine do not
coordinate on releases, so the two code bases are likely dramatically

According to PMatrix, version 1.10 added MMX support and a significant
amount of optimization. With MMX, version 1.10 is supposed to be _30_
times faster than the original 1.02 version. White Pine may have made
similar enhancements, but I don't have any knowledge as to whether they
have or not.

The PMatrix codec has been used heavily by Cornell PC 1.0 users and by
White Pine users, and it works well.