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I am about to commit heresy here, but it you want to just video/audio
conference with one colleague at a time, with very good video/audio
and the ability to share a whiteboard, text chat window, and/or
applications, I would suggest you look at Microsoft's NetMeeting
package. You can share the whiteboard, etc. between as many others in
the conference, but you only can see and hear one other participant.

You can do direct IP to IP calls with NetMeeting, bypassing the ILS
servers. I conference from my home system, which has a fast cable
modem access, to my office which is on the corporate T1+ link. Audio
is as clear as the telephone and video is excellent. I use a Winnov
Videum Desktop (ISA) system at home on a 200 MMX box. You can download
NetMeeting at:

Two excellent help and tips pages are:

If you have fast links, ie. ISDN, T1, cable, etc. I would suggest
trying the CCIT u-Law and A-Law codecs for NetMeeting.

Another suggestion is a package called "iVisit". I think it has
superior audio capabilities versus CU-SeeMe. It is being developed by
Tim Dorcey (and others), the original CU-SeeMe guy. You can do
multiparty video conferencing WITHOUT a reflector, but no sharing of
apps, whiteboard, etc. It is currently in beta for both PC's and Mac's

Good luck...hope this helps some...


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I've been looking at the list for a couple of weeks and the solution to
my problem hasn't appeared so I guess I'll have to ask.

I have a Whitepine colour package (Videum Conference Pro) that appears
to work OK but the audio is practically unusable. I have to say that I
shelled out for the package before I learned about the Cornel version.
I have tried to get help from Whitepine without any luck - after you've
paid your money they don't seem to want to help!

I have a 266 MHz pentium MMX with more RAM than I can remember (128 MB
I think) and running Win 95. I'm in a UK university so the speed of
the connection is quick, but beyond my control.

I particularly want to use this application to communicate with
colleagues in Woods Hole, MA. but so far we can see each other and
exchange the odd word but that's about it. We have used the net at
times when it should be quiter with no improvement so I don't think the
problem is bandwidth related.

I'm currently using the M-PEG Codec and the Winnov capture card.
Audo is Digitalk at 8.5 Kbps but have tried G 723.1 without

I also use full Duplex and hands free modes which I think are at fault
but not sure what to do to find out exactly what's wrong.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved.


Phil Langton

P.S. I was wondering if anyone out there tries to use CU-seeme to sort
these problems rather than the mailing list and a keyboard?

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