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Wayne Fisher (
Wed, 02 Sep 1998 13:15:07 -0400

Actually, Phil, my experiences with White Pine have been just the
opposite... every phone call I made for email request for help I sent was
answered promptly by a knowledgeable tech support person. Have you tried
submitting a tech support request via the online request web page?

Point your web browser to
and submit a request for help.

Make sure you fill everything in as completely as possible so that the
technician who fields your question can help you.

You must have a valid White Pine serial number to request support in this

Hope this helps,


Phil Langton wrote:

> I've been looking at the list for a couple of weeks and the solution to
> my problem hasn't appeared so I guess I'll have to ask.
> I have a Whitepine colour package (Videum Conference Pro) that appears
> to work OK but the audio is practically unusable. I have to say that I
> shelled out for the package before I learned about the Cornel version.
> I have tried to get help from Whitepine without any luck - after you've
> paid your money they don't seem to want to help!
> I have a 266 MHz pentium MMX with more RAM than I can remember (128 MB
> I think) and running Win 95. I'm in a UK university so the speed of
> the connection is quick, but beyond my control.
> I particularly want to use this application to communicate with
> colleagues in Woods Hole, MA. but so far we can see each other and
> exchange the odd word but that's about it. We have used the net at
> times when it should be quiter with no improvement so I don't think the
> problem is bandwidth related.
> I'm currently using the M-PEG Codec and the Winnov capture card.
> Audo is Digitalk at 8.5 Kbps but have tried G 723.1 without
> improvement.
> I also use full Duplex and hands free modes which I think are at fault
> but not sure what to do to find out exactly what's wrong.
> Any suggestions gratefully recieved.
> Cheers,
> Phil Langton
> P.S. I was wondering if anyone out there tries to use CU-seeme to sort
> these problems rather than the mailing list and a keyboard?
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