RE: CU-SEEME-L digest 1596

Levinson, Alex (
Fri, 04 Sep 1998 08:07:49 -0400


What are the reasonable settings for the TX and RX rates when going over
28.8 modem? My set up is Mac 6100/66-AV, Sony Camcoder with a 28.8 modem,
the other side is a 604e based Mac-Connectix B/W on a direct connection
(university backbone) to the Internet. So far, we've been able to exchange
a marginal video and pretty much unusable audio. When I get a video stream
from my partner at even 3-4 fps, my own picture freezes, the other side gets
barely recognizable audio ( I get no audio at all). It seems that we just
overload the channel. I played with different TX and RX rates, some
improvement but nothing substantive...

Question, am I kidding myself thinking that such a set up is sufficient
(quick math suggests that it should be)? Or kidding aside, one really needs
at least ISDN rates to get even marginal teleconferencing to work? Has
anybody gotten an acceptable quality audio and 2-4 fps video over a 28.8
modem or is it just wishful thinking?

Alex Levinson