Re: Connection problem

Daniel W. Erskine (
Mon, 07 Sep 1998 11:37:10 -0500

I have the same chipset (Hauppauge WinTV/dbx), and do not have many
problems! Except, I have to start the TV tuner window and manually
change to the proper channel, as CU-SeeMe does not have this function
builtin, nor do the Brooktree drivers for the board ;(

Hope this helps,
Daniel Erskine

John A. Booher wrote:

> The DOOIN brand video card that I have been trying to use with
> CU-SEE-ME also uses the Brooktree chip set. I find that I get
> 'unsuported vodeo mode' errors and CU-see-me locks up the PC often as
> well. I think that there is some incompatibility with the Brooktree
> chipset. As an additional possible non-coincidence I too have a
> Diamond MM Supra modem. I know someone here in San Diego that works
> at Rockwell (formerly Brooktree) and have not as yet been able to
> enroll him into help with a solution. I am probably going to try a
> different video capture card. Any additional descriptions of the
> failures may motivate a response from Rockwell. -JB
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> From: Val Wallmark <>
> To: <>
> Date: Friday, August 28, 1998 3:06 PM
> Subject: Connection problemI cannot connect to any reflector
> using CU-SeeMe V1.0. Using - Windows 98Pentium MMX
> 233Diamond Viper 330STB TVPCI (for capture) using win98
> drivers (Brooktree 848 chipset)Supra Express V.90
> Modem CU-SeeMee Settings -Capture Device - MSVIDEO:
> Brooktree Bt848 Capture DriverCodec Intel Indeo 3.2, 4.1,
> 5.0Video Format - 24 bit RGBSymptoms - 1 Select a
> connection from phone book2 Visually confirm data sent and
> recvd form connection tray icon3 Active conference window
> opens4 Select a conference5 Visually confirm data being
> sent ( 5-7 packets @ 1/sec )6 CU-SeeMe info window opens
> with the following : Unable to connect to "IP Address"7 No
> connection is madeI have attempted connection with and
> without sending video, with the various indeo codecs,
> various transmission rates, various reflectors, If i try the
> Black and White codec, I get an "Unsupported Video Mode"
> error message and Cu-SeeMe crashes.Any help would be
> appreciated.Thanks - Val Wallmark