Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 1601 Three response

david morel (
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 15:07:19 -0400

>Hi folks,
>I am running the Enhanced Reflector and want to setup 2 IP addresses for
>Refmons... the Line in the conf file reads as follows:
>however, only the first IP is reconized as a Refmon... what am I doing

You need seperate entries for each one.
Just as you would with a WP product.


>Pardon my ignorance but what does nukeing mean in CU-seeme terms ? -JB

It means sending a "nuke" (or teardrop) or whatever viscous flavor that
you want to windows 95 computers via IP address. It esetialy attacks through
an unprotected port, casuing your system resources to be used, until there
none left, then blue screen of death, then you have to reboot, and all is
The use of "nukes" is as annoying and imature a practice as I have come
during my near three years of cu-ing. I will ban anyone that uses nukes
from my
reflector, constantly monitor connections on all my machines for nukes, and
that others do as well.
BUT! There is something you should know about nukenabber and other apps of
type. Used in conjuction with CU, they can make mistakes. DC connects with
the listner
turned off, may show up as nuke attempts. I have done extensive testing with
this, using
several different CU clients (Cu 2.x, 3.x, Cornell, but not with 1.0), and
reflectors (MPCS, Enhanced, WP 2.x) and sadly there is not a particular
pattern that I could discern. So just be careful before
becoming acusatory if you think your being nuked...


>Has anyone implemented the CuSeeMe over LAN?


>I have tried to do so but the video and audio was just as poor as going
>through the Internet. Has anyone been able to achieve better results?

Yes Again,
I have been done testin over my LAN at home 10baseT with MPCS
and with my LAN in the office 100 using enhanced reflector.
Honestly the MPCS seems to make the biggest difference, as my LAN at
using CUSEEME, with the occasional .h323 client thrown in, is just ungodly
I can send audio, video, chat, the whole ball game, with amazing success.
I suspect that using the LAN in my office, which is part of a huge network
on a 20K student
campus, is just to bogged down to handle the loads I was giving it, but even
then, frame rates
were unlike what you could ever get via the net.
So, if your having troubles getting at least much better success with a LAN
then you are with the
net, something is wrong, or your LAN is just too bogged down to handle the

Jason(streak)~ your missed, I hope your finding a new home!

Regards all,
I will go in this way,
and find my own way out