Re: nothing but audio static

Bill Woodland (
Sat, 12 Sep 1998 17:06:43 -0500

At 12:11 AM 9/12/98 -0400, K. E. Bailey, III wrote:
>W95 SR2, CU 1.0, P166+, 128MB ram, Turtle Beach Tropez 2000 full duplex,
>VXI mic, USRobotics 28.8 internal, ISP Video works fine,
>sending and receiving. From audio, through the self
>reflector, all I get is static when I Push to Talk. Another CU 1.0 user
>also reports only static from my transmissions. Using NetMeeting, the
>other party receives only word fragments from me, but it's clearly my
>voice. (The other user is on a 12MB 486, and so is not a good test.)
>Otherwise, I receive audio over the net fine, record .wav files from the
>mic fine. The kbs for send and receive are 15-17 for the 16kbs codec,
>and just over 30 for the 32kbs codec. Lost packets is 0-20%.
>Help ( returns
>File Not Found
>The requested URL /v10 was not found on this server.
>Does the audio component of 1.0 work? Where is the documentation
>supporting setup and troubleshooting? Is there a protocol for
>troubleshooting the audio component? Are there people with functioning
>audio who are willing to try connecting for the purpose of
>Thanks, Ed Bailey

You can forget about that button under Help/Users Guide, Ed. I created the
users guide at that address, and the programmer put the link into the
program so people could find it easily. Unfortunately, Martyne Hallgren at
Cornell University asked me to remove the guide from their server, so I
did. A link to another copy of the guide can be found at:

Although we were told by Martyne way back on 6/29/97 that "We will be
releasing an official new Cornell version for both MAC and PC sometime
soon", neither of these versions has "officially" been released by Cornell.
It's been over 10 weeks since the mailing list has heard anything from
Martyne or anyone else at Cornell.

I honestly believe that they will NEVER be released.

The only tech support you'll get for this version will be from people that
CARE about CU-SeeMe. For now, you can find people like that here on this
mailing list. I hope the users guide is helpful.

Bill Woodland <>