Install QuickAm VC over QuickCAm B/W

Kevin Lawless (
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 16:02:26 +0100

I have recently installed a QuickCam VC on a pentium system under Win95
revision'a'. I still had a previous installation for a back and white
QuickCam cameraand installed the new camera software without an uninstall
of the previous software. All I seem to get is an image with vertical
stripes which change in hue from left to right. The image indicates the
camera does not seem to detect any sense of movement in front of the lens
although there is no definition in the image to draw any real conclusion.
The video board is an ATI xpert@play with 8Mb of ram whilst system memory
is 64Mb. Can anyone recall a similar display when theyfirst installed..?
I'm hoping a bit of tinkering with drivers wil sort this out but I have a
nasty feeling the camera may be faulty. Any ideas..?

Kevin Lawless
Dept of Geography
University of Southampton (UK)