Re: New but used other net progs

Scott Lacroix (
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 10:16:11 -0400

At 06:00 PM 9/20/98 +0200, you wrote:
>I am used to mIRC,pIRCh,VertualIRC, and ICQ, Fretell,pow-wow Iphone
>Watchdog .etc... but i came across CU-seeMe or heard about it .. and DL-ed
>it ... but i don't know of pll(people) with it . can some one help me out
>or give me a few NEW-BE IPs... or REFLECTS.... ?? i have a mic and a
>keyboard for text hehe,...hmmmmm but not vid-connect-card althought i could
>use my VCR/handheld cam... i need the card... but i might get one soon... .


Oh yea, you want to connect to the WhitePine general public server... it's
the best! Fastest, coolest, safest, awesomest, funnest, just all around WAY
better than any other! Yea, there are a FEW others out there... but still,
WhitePine's is the best!

Just point your client at !

If you REALLY want to try another server (and I can't imagine WHY you
would, but perhaps some of the other nice people on this list can...) look
here: . That's one of the few
remaining lists, since Streak's Really Spiffy Reflector Scanner (tm) went
bye bye...


Hee hee... This list has been to damn slow lately... let the Monday
morning Flame War begin! :)

(I promise to drink less caffiene first thing in the morning...)

- Scott


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