No video received with v.w0.84b7 with Netcom Netcruiser

T. Fuller (
Sun, 1 Sep 1996 17:46:38 -0700

Hello all, just getting started with Cu-Seeme...(after running
Netcruiser and clicking the down arrow) I load up Cu-See Me and boxes
with names appear but no video is being sent to is possible
just to receive video with a 386dx40/4 megs,33.6k modem, is it not?? I
unzipped the file, copied the drivers to the windows\system
something about making a "HOSTS" file but I'm not sure if I need that
with Netcom (I believe they use a dynamic IP address)...I don't know if
I set it up wrong, but when in the chat mode & some of the mailing list
archives some other people appear to been having a similar problem?? I
have used the conference..
Any help will greatly appreciated, thanks in advance....

Tom Fuller