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>Subject: ntsc and pal
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>I am using pal and want to set up a direct Cu_SeeMe connection to
>somebody using ntsc. Could this cause problems?
>And, if I buy a connectix QuickCam in the US (ntsc) can I use it in
>Germany (Pal). Since the QuickCam does not use a capture board I
>would think It does not matter. But then, how does the a/d converter
>know what kind of signal is comming in.
>Any help would be appreciated.

True. It makes no difference. PAL and NTSC are video transmission formats,
and don't enter into the equation when using a Quickcam.

As far as the PAL on one end and NTSC on the other, that won't matter,
either. The video format is just from your camera to the capture card...not
from CU to CU.

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