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Ulrich G. Kliegis (
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 15:27:33 +100

> At 07:35 PM 9/1/96 -0500, freshman wrote:
> >Hello there,
> >
> >I wonder can anybody give me a hand pls. My enhanced cuseeme
> >program was expired yesterday. I tried to download the evaluation
> >copy again from the White-Pine and I tried to get the serial no.
> >again. However, I found the new serial no. that I obtain was the
> >same as the old one. I cannot install the program again because the
> >program said I cannot use the same demo serial no. I wonder what
> >can I do, the serial no. that I
> Go to:
> and request a new serial number.
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> Brian Meagher Ocean City, Maryland

That does not work any longer. WP has built in something into their
demo version that precludes a second demo try. Even purging all WP
files, clearing the WP entries in win.ini etc. does not destroy the
note that WP leaves somewhere on your computer that you have used up
your demo time.

Probably the reason why so many use the cornell version again now. I
just purchased WP :(

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