Unable To Open Connection error

toby (toby@actonline.com.au)
Wed, 04 Sep 1996 20:49:14 +1000

Dear All:

I have just connected a friend's 486 DX33 PC to a
Connectix quickcam and cuseeme. When I attempt to
connect to a reflector site (I have tried about 6
different reflectors), the PC seems to communicate
properly with the server, but as soon as it looks
like things are about to start to happen ... the
connection closes with a 'Unable To Open Connection'

The FAQ says that the most likely cause is (a) I am
going through a firewall or (b) my ISP is filtering
out UDP packets (which is what cuseeme uses). I rang
my ISP and they said 'no' on both counts.

Hmmm ... HELP !!!!

Cheers, Toby