Error setting timer for audio and other

Mark L. Bardenwerper (
Mon, 04 Sep 1995 20:34:31 -0700

I have been getting this error for a while and no sound. However, the
other day I was using CU Whitepine Eval when it suddenly quit cold. I
looked in the Trumpet window and saw that I'd gotten a series of com
overruns. I quit out completely,rebooted to no avail. I asked on this
listserv if there was a solution and got some advice on some windows
drivers, the two of which I replaced. I found everything I needed for
that at "Twig", plus some other great advice. I deleted and reinstalled
CU and the Trumpet Winsock. I now get the "error setting timer" message,
the QuickCam flickers on then off, the I see "waiting, local name not
resolved" in the small CU send-recieve text area in the menu board. I
have downloaded makehost com and run it several times, deleting and
reinstalling the hosts file several times. I have searched my HD for a
stray hosts file. I have trumpet in my path statement. What could be my
trouble? Thanx Mark L. Bardenwerper