Re: IBM Users-CuSeeme and ANY CAM/CAPTURE device!

Ron Elkayam (
Fri, 6 Sep 1996 11:14:22 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 6 Sep 1996, NICHOLAS J NOVAK wrote:

> >As for CUDoodle just capturing the pixels from the screen - you are right.
> >But sometimes (as with my Video Blaster) the pixels are NOT on the screen.
> >What I mean is that if your capture board uses overlay technology, the
> >live moving picture isn't really digitized until you tell it to capture.
> >In other words, if you pushed PrintScreen to capture your Windows desktop
> >and then went to Programs/Accessories/Paint and pasted (ctrl-v) the data,
> >you would see a blank window in the portion where the live video WAS
> >showing originally (when you screen-snapped). In my case the blank window
> >is pink when running the Video Blaster live-video preview software
> >(VideoKit).
> >
> >Ron
> RON,
> Just wanted to let you know that I too have expierenced this baffling
> problem of not being able to use CUDOODLE with my COMPAQ PRESARIO 978-CDTV
> TV CARD using the MEDIAPILOT software.All I can do is capture still pictures
> with my TVCARD and send them using CUDOODLE but when I try and send the live
> video stream from this device using an RCA CAMCORDER all my recipient sees
> or I see in my local video window is a snow white screen.
> Since the COMPAQ computer is such a large manufacturer I wish that you could
> steer me in the right direction regarding how to make the TV application
> send the live video pictures to the screen and not just to the pixels on the
> screen using overlay technology as I am certain that hundreds of thousands
> of COMPAQ computer owners are expierencing the same problems as I am using
> Also this COMPAQ MEDIAPILOT software application includes with it a screen
> capture format for capturing live video to stills using the IBM MULTIMEDIA
> MOTION producing a file called *.mmp like for example dog.mmp ; however when
> you load even a still picture that was captured in this format .mmp to
> cudoodle it will not pick up and send it as it would a .bmp .pcx .jpg etcetera.
> Please help I've been at this for 2 months now trying in vain to capture and
> send live video streams using CUDOODLE & CUSEEME,your solution would help a
> large number of COMPAQ computer owners.
> Sincerely,


I would love to be able to help you out, but I really don't know if it's
at all possible to use your COMPAQ PRESARIO's 978-CDTV TV CARD for
capturing multiple-"stills" automatically. If your capture card is
connected to your video card via the VESA feature connector (as I
suspect), then you're basically at the mercy of the TV CARD's driver.

What I mean by that is that CUDoodle won't capture anything which is not
"on the screen". To CUDoodle, the video isn't on the screen until you
click the key to tell MediaPilot to capture the screen (and maybe even
then it won't be "on" the screen, to CUDoodle). So let me ask you this:
when you do snap the screen (without saving it), is it transmitted
via CUSeeMe (using CUDoodle) or do you have to save the still-image into a
file first?

If you have to save it, then I suspect there will be no solution to your
problem other than via an enhanced version of the driver for your capture
card (and I wouldn't count on it). On the other hand, if the still-image
is transmitted (to CUSeeMe) when you grab it, I guess you could
selectively screen snap your image every one-two seconds, manually.
Painful, but, hey, what can we do...

Sorry I couldn't help (maybe someone else on the list could),