Need help- no video rec'd with Netcruiser/Netcom

T. Fuller (
Sat, 7 Sep 1996 11:51:07 -0700

I need to find users who are using Netcruiser & Netcom with
Cu-SeeMe...I have loaded version 84.b7 and copied the drivers to the
windows directory...after loading Netcruiser 2.11 I minimize it, load
Cu-Seeme and then only a few bits of video are received(it is rare to
receive anything), it says receiving 1 fps and then goes back to saying
zero...I am running 386dx/40pc w/4meg & 33.6k modem....also, do I need
any sort of hosts file with Netcom....Anyone with a similar setup
having the same sort of problem? Any help will be greatly
appreciated...Thanks & have fun...
(btw, I have read thru the FAQs & posted to netcom usenet also)
Tom Fuller