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>Subject: CU-SeeMe and Snappy
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>I have read all of the information on using CuSeeMe with Snappy and have
>been succesful getting it work with CUDoodle. However, I have a couple of
>1. Is there anyway to permanently disable the sleep mode? I have set the
>POWERSAVE option to FALSE, but it still goes into sleep when the Snappy
>application is not the "selected" application. It makes it kind of hard to
>type chat and still have a video session.

David at ArtaMedia suggests editing the snappy.ini file and setting the
PowerSaver to False and the ShowProgress to False for best results. Perhaps
the ShowProgress=false would help, or try setting it to true...i don't HAVE
a snappy, but let us know how this goes.

>2. While I have a very crisp image in the Preview window of Snappy, the
>image in my local window of CuSeeMe has grey-scale banding (maybe this is a
>CUDoodle problem). I can take the banding away if I switch to color, but
>most people don't want you to transmit color and some reflectors don't
>support it.
>Hope this makes sense.

>From cudoodle.txt:


It doesn't work very well with 256-color Windows. The
palette gets messed up... Use the HiColor (16-bit) mode
if you can...

Hope this helps.

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