Re:CU-SeeMe and Snappy

Si Ballenger (
Mon, 9 Sep 1996 00:15:26 -0400 (EDT)

At 02:59 PM 9/8/96 -0500, you wrote:

>>1. Is there anyway to permanently disable the sleep mode? I have set the
>>POWERSAVE option to FALSE, but it still goes into sleep when the Snappy
>>application is not the "selected" application. It makes it kind of hard to
>>type chat and still have a video session.
>David at ArtaMedia suggests editing the snappy.ini file and setting the
>PowerSaver to False and the ShowProgress to False for best results. Perhaps
>the ShowProgress=false would help, or try setting it to true...i don't HAVE
>a snappy, but let us know how this goes.

I think the power saver false setting probably only affects the timed sleep
mode. Parking the mouse pointer on the snappy application box seems to have
the same effect.I haven't tried changing the ShowProgress, as I thought it
was only in use when making a full video capture. The update rate of the
snappy preview screen slows down as you have more applications open (snappy
will show "low battery" or won't open if available memory gets low). A hex
editor (and a lot of knowledge!) is probably needed to defeat the sleep mode
when another application is selected (this feature was probably added to
save the battery, so should be defeatable).

>>2. While I have a very crisp image in the Preview window of Snappy, the
>>image in my local window of CuSeeMe has grey-scale banding (maybe this is a
>>CUDoodle problem). I can take the banding away if I switch to color, but
>>most people don't want you to transmit color and some reflectors don't
>>support it.
>>Hope this makes sense.
>>From cudoodle.txt:
> It doesn't work very well with 256-color Windows. The
> palette gets messed up... Use the HiColor (16-bit) mode
> if you can...

I use something like 32k color and don't have any banding in the preview
window. You won't be able to see color transmissons from others, but what I
saw of the color, I wasn't much impressed. The B/W just seems to do a better
job with limited bandwidth. My Ecuseeme expired a while back, so my
experimentation is on hold for now. :-(