RE: CUSEEME UDP's, bans, remapping sockets

John W.Osborne (
Mon, 9 Sep 1996 19:13:20 +-1000

Well...since you asked....
The short answer is, I wouldn't approve of such an "get around the restriction"
scheme. Your ISP is empowered to make certain rules and you are meant
to abide by them. Your choices are to either live with it or acquire an ISP
that supports whatever you want to do.

And contrary to what some people in the list have said, ISP's are not always
a "dime a dozen". Not everyone lives in or near metropolitan areas and many
don't live in the USA either (this apparently may come as surprise to some).

Some ISP's here in Australia permit CuSeeMe (or equivalent) broadcasts,
and some do not. Fortunately I live in Sydney and have a choice.
Not everyone does.

Regards, John

From: George Neervoort[]
Sent: Monday, 9 September 1996 0:18
Subject: CUSEEME UDP's, bans, remapping sockets

My beloved ISP banned CUSEEME by disabling all CUSEEME (UDP) packets.
I think it is possible to write a little program that runs on a machine
which DOES receive the UDP's and resends them via another port number to a
little program that runs on my system and remaps it back to the original
socket (=port&ip address).
Is there anybody who can give some comment on this?
Thanks in advance,