Cornell CU audio codecs

Jonathan Hall (
Wed, 11 Sep 1996 13:07:04 +1000


I'm running CU over a LAN with an in-house reflector set to handle 250
kbps of traffic. I'm sending a broadcast from a Mac (I've just plugged
the video into it) to the reflector and picking it up on my PC. I'm
receiving between 50-60 kbps on my PC (which is what I've set the mac to
send at), but the audio is really jittery and I'm only seeing about 1
frame every 1 or 2 seconds!! I am hoping to send the signal to the
outside world to see over a modem, but I suspect that this would be
pointless if 50-60 kbps is jittery.

I've tried the exact same excercise with Enhanced CU (including the
enhanced CU reflector) and found that even at a max reception rate of 28
the audio was fine but images were almost non-existent. Admittedly, the
audio codec was 16 bit.

I'm not so concerned about the video, but the audio seems a bit dodgy on
Cornell's CU. Are there any other encoding methods for Audio other than
'Digitalk (8.5 kbps)'? Perhaps something using 16 bits.

Thanks in advance,