Color QuickCam 2.0.2 Announcement

Mark Elpers (
Thu, 12 Sep 96 12:15:53 -0800

Connectix Color QuickCam
Software Update Announcement

Connectix has released version 2.0.2 of the Color QuickCam software. =
This release includes a number of enhancements of interest to Color =
QuickCam owners, White Pine Enhanced CU-SeeMe and Cornell University =
CU-SeeMe users.

8-bit Dithering
Connectix has added 8-bit dithering to the Color QuickCam driver. =
This will allow users to set the Color QuickCam to 256 Grays and use =
the grayscale compressor option built into Enhanced CU-SeeMe. Also, =
the Color QuickCam will default to 256 Grays when used with Cornell =

Low Light Image Filter
Overcomes the limits of QuickCam=B9s CCD technology in low light =
situations by automatically filtering out the white spots (called =
=B3Christmas Lights=B2 in our documentation) that appear. Now it=B9s =
much easier to get high quality images in low light conditions.

Flip, Mirror and Rotate
Allows the user to view an image from QuickCam in any of these modes, =
providing more versatility in mounting the camera.

GPF on Launch with Enhanced CU-SeeMe
Connectix and White Pine have worked together to resolve a crashing =
bug when using Enhanced CU-SeeMe with the Color QuickCam for the =
first time.

Color QuickCam owners can download the software update from the =
Connectix Web page at (click the Updaters button on =
the right of the main page, then Color QuickCam on the next page).

If Color QuickCam owners would like to receive the update in the =
mail, please contact Connectix Customer Service at 800-950-5880. You =
can reach Connectix Technical Support at 800-650-8857. If you are =
calling from outside the United States, please call 415-571-5100 for =
either department.

Connectix will continue to work with White Pine and Cornell to =
support and insure compatibility between CU-SeeMe and Color QuickCam.

Thank you,

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