Announcing GeekTalk 1.0

Chris Silverberg (
Mon, 16 Sep 1996 09:15:37 -0700

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce the release of GeekTalk 1.0, a plug-in for the
Macintosh version of CU-SeeMe by Cornell University.

GeekTalk is a replacement for the standard CU-SeeMe chat window. GeekTalk
contains the same capabilities as the standard chat window, but adds the
following additional features:

- Private sending: Users can send messages directly to an individual
by selecting their name from a popup menu.
- User hiliting: By selecting names from a popup menu, you can quickly
"hilite" users so their messages will stand out.
- User setups: You can specify on a per-user basis the appearance of their
messages. (face, size, style, color).
- Complete and flexible customization of fonts (face, size, style, color).
- Easy to use filtering of invididuals
- Speech Manager support for speaking text. Individual users can be
assigned a specific voice.
- Support for Internet Config: Allows command-double-clicking on a
URL to immediately open a page with a web browser.
- Uses the WASTE text engine to allow large text buffers limited only
by available memory.
- User Details window: Shows information about each user's chat status
- Find/Find Again: Allows searching of the text area
- Chat sessions can automatically logged to disk
- The text input area can be on the top or bottom of the window
- You can choose to ignore empty messages.
- You can specify a background color for input and scroll areas
- Support for Macintosh Drag & Drop
- Message numbering: Allows detection of missing messages
- Native for PowerPC

GeekTalk can be obtained from the official GeekTalk Home Page at:

GeekTalk is freeware. Questions/comments should be sent to myself at

- Chris

Chris Silverberg Spider Island Software