Trouble with dll's

Duncan Douglass (
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 18:53:33 -0400

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I posted earlier about difficulty running the latest release of CU-SEEME on
Win95. I have since narrowed the source of the problem. I re-installed
win95 and found that CU-SEEME would run, but only the first time I opened
it. Subsequent attempts to run the program resulted in a "library file
error." Could it be that my Norton Anti-virus, which is set-up to auto
detect and protect files is somehow interfering with CU-SEEME? I did not
run any other programs between attempts to open CU-SEEME. I merely opened
it and closed it after re-installing Win95. Then when I tried to open it
again (testing that it really worked), I got the "library file error"
message again.

Any suggestions?