Videum by Winnov

schwann (
Thu, 19 Sep 96 23:49 EET

Hello List,

I wonder how many people there are on this list. Anyone know? It. It took me
six months from when I first decided to go for it to finally get logged onto

One could not call it a 'popular' sport. But I, for one, laughed so much
last night that I'm still sore.

I got in touch with Robert Scoble from Winnov who tried to do his best under
sometimes terrifying conditions. This is what it feels like when your mail
takes 5 days to reach the USA.

But I eventually got my WINNOV VIDEUM card, price $300 plus shipping.
I should point out that the shipping charges were exhorbitant for the weight
of the parcel, totalling some $97.

But I received it eventually, and after duly picking up cyberguru Azmazz and
buying him a really hot chilli pizza we returned to my place where our
'installation' now loomed. My wife was none to pleased with me because we
arrived late and immediately started moving things around in my office, but
i got the message and went downstairs to make her some tea. What i'm really
trying to tell you is that by the time i returned with the tea Azmazz had
the card slotted in, my camera stuck into the back of it and it was all up
and running..

the software seamlessly integrated with WIN95 as advertised and the card
just slotted in as it was supposed to.

We reconfigured all the sound options and this seems to work, but we
preferred to type on the chat line because this allowed us time to move
crystal balls around the camera, and there were a few people out there
who're *sure* they've met some strange last nite..

The Winnov card works as advertised.
It took 10 minutes to setup.

I ordered it from Robert Scoble at

who was very helpful.

Oh, it has some neat gadgets on it to make you purple, green, red, and other
funky stuff..

quite cool, really..

oh, if you wanna check it out you can catch me in colour just now, i'll be
taking test calls in Cape Town, South Africa at close to midnight...