Firewall, and color reflector ??

Tommy Wong (
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 11:19:57 +0800

I am having the following problems with CU-Seeme. I am using
a Connectix color quickcam.

On some of the sites, people can see me, and I can see them in color.
On some other sites, all I can see is black&white pictures, and just black
for color users. What seems to be the problem ? Is there different
of reflector which supports color ? If that's the case, how can I let
see me on a black and white reflector ? I tried using the b&w option in
the video preference, but I can see is a black screen.

Also, I couldn't call someone inside a firewall, is there a feature in
which allow you to call someone inside a firewall, or calling out from
the firewall ?