Rate adaption for reflectors

Jonathan Hall (jon@atwww.com.au)
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 14:39:51 +1000


Is there a rate adaption option for reflectors in the wpine version?

I'd like to run a broadcast over a LAN and across the Net to another
reflector. The clients on the LAN woud be set to receive at around
250kbps (which seems to work fine), but our connection to the Net isn't
close to coping with that so I'd like to drop the transmission rate to
the reflector outside our LAN to something more realistic.

Can this be done, or will I have to run a 2nd conference and capture the
video twice (once for the LAN clients, and once for the outside

Another short question....If I'm using a demo version of the wpine CU
reflector, can I send a BCC to a registered version and have more than
10 people in a conference?