Re: Unable to connect via SLiRP (CU-SEEME-L digest 908)

Bernie Verreau (
Sat, 21 Sep 1996 07:33:23 -0700

> Subject: Re: Unable to connect
> > At 03:13 PM 9/12/96 +0700, wrote:
> >The only thing that I can think of is that I don't have an IP address.
> >When I log on my provider gives me the address of In
> >brackets after this line it says "or any other number". The number
> > is the number written on their join up sheets so that is the
> >number that everyone uses on this service. In my dial up script I can
> >enter any IP number that I want just before final connection. I have
> >also entered in the hosts file with colindun as the local host
> >name.

Sounds like SLiRP, all right. I think you need to recompile the code to
change the default IP. I've done so and assigned a different address,
it doesn't seem to have any effect. Someone told me that I should
one of the local host's ports with 'slirp -P "redir udp 7648 7648" -vj',
but that prevents me from connecting at all.

On the other hand, I've had pretty good luck establishing connections
receive-only reflectors and a few send/receive sites. One-on-one
work well, too. As long as you can establish a connection, SLiRP works
I suggest you try one of the NASA channels such as
Two public reflectors that usually accept connections are
(Ostfold/Fenris, Norway) and (Advantis IBM, USA). When
I do
get in, I don't have any trouble sending or receiving audio and video.

> Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996 22:09:52 -0500
> From: "Bill Woodland (Squeek)" <>
> [in reply to]
> I think what you are getting is SLIRP, not a true SLIP or PPP connection, OR
> your ISP is using somethign called IP TRANSLATION. If your ISP uses either
> IP TRANSLATION or SLIRP instead of a real slip or ppp connection, then the
> only thing you can do to get CU to work would be to get aother ISP that does
> NOT use either of these methods.

Except, as you say further on, CU does work with SLiRP as long as
there's no

> I talked to a guy at my ISP recently about
> IP translation AND slirp both, and that's basically what he told me. SLIRP
> will work with CU, but the chat window will not. CU will definitely not
> work at all with IP translation, because the CU client sends its own IP
> address to the reflector (or the other CU client, in the case of a direct
> connect) and this IP address is not the one that your ISP is actually using
> for you.

I can confirm that CU chat doesn't work with SLiRP, but you can of
course, open
an IRC connection instead. The biggest limitation I've seen - and this
is only
a conjecture - is that many reflectors seem to discriminate against
addresses like "". The ones that do not seem to attract an
clientel. This observation is based on comparison of CU behavior under
shell/SLiRP account and my dynamic IP/SLIP account using the same PC.

> Bill Woodland (

Bernie Verreau,, Redwood City, CA