Updated my pages a bit....

Bill Woodland (wcw@bga.com)
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 19:49:24 -0500

I just added a picture of SCHWANN to the Africa part of the UN under CU
section, along with two more people to the North America part.

I added a part on how to fix the Cornell version's receive settings by using

I added a link to Helping Hand's CU-SeeMe page...very well done...makes me
wish I had done it...check it out.

I added a new section for CU related NEWS...if you have anything you think
should be added to this section, drop me a line.

I also added the email from Larry Chase @Cornell about the chat and why you
sometimes lose it.....Thanks, Larry.

HEY HEY HEY! Please send me a capture of yourself for the page...I have
lots of people from North America, but need more from ALL of the other

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