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Bill Ryan (
Mon, 23 Sep 1996 06:44:05 -0500


Probably one of the following problems:

- you have Virtual Memory enabled -> disable it
- you don't have enough VRAM -> lower monitor depth setting to a lower # colors

Sounds like you already tried second solution, could it be you have VM enabled?

Have you tried White Pine's Enhanced CU-SeeMe support department?


>Hello all,
>I've been following this list for a couple of months, but this is the first
>time I've written. I have been unable to get ECU to work with the built-in
>video on my AV Mac.
>Here are the details: Mac PPC 7500/100, built-in video, system 7.5.3, 16
>megs RAM, Enhanced CU 2.0, FreePPP 2.5, Open Transport 1.1, 28.8 modem.
>When I use ECU with my B&W QuickCam it works just fine. When I try to use
>the built-in video with a color camcorder or VCR, nothing happens. ECU
>recognizes that I have built-in video, but when I select that option for
>digitizer, I get no picture. I have a small local window with no video in
>it. The video preview window (seen in the digitizer and codec dialogue
>boxes) shows a totally screwed up random pattern of pixels.
>I know both my camcorder and VCR connected to the built-in video port are
>working just fine. QuickTime Conferencing works perfectly with my current
>setup, and Apple Video Player recognizes my VCR and camcorder perfectly.
>It seems the *only* program which cannot recognize my built-in video is ECU!
>I know ECU is using my built-in video, because Apple Video Player cannot
>access it while ECU is using it. I normally have it set for NTSC and
>composite, but I have tried all the other options to no avail. I have even
>changed the monitor resolution and bit depth to all possible combinations,
>but it doesn't help.
>Can anybody help? I'm tired of only sending B&W images.
>Yours truly,
>Criss Sargent

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