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>I am new to CU-SEEME and am having some problems. Maybe someone can help me or
>direct me as to where to find help.
>I am running enhanced cu-seeme in windows. I don't have a camera yet, but do
>have cudoodle loaded. After a while I get the error "cuseeme caused a general
>protection fault in module cuseeme.exe at 004:3ff0". The error closes cuseeme
>and if I try to restart cuseeme I get "error binding to udp port (10048)". The
>only way I can get into cuseeme is to reboot the pc.
>Thanks for any information you can provide.

I recently started getting the exact same error message at the same address
(0004:3ff0) so I downloaded the new beta and it works fine. As far as the
udp error goes, try restarting windows instead of rebooting...just to save
you a little time. I think this UDP error is usually the result of trying
to run CU without being dialed into internet first. Let me know what hapens
with the beta and I'll try to help if problems continue, although you COULD
call White Pine, since they get PAID to help their customers.

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