Re: [Fwd: Quickcam and/or CU-SeeME troubles]

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Wed, 25 Sep 1996 20:59:03 +0100

> Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 08:58:19 -0700
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> From: Harry <>

> The error messages in general offer such complaints such as "No
> device detected or in use by another app" - and maybe this is just
> from cuseeme but I get "invalid handles" errors too.
> And EVERYTIME I make settings changes or start up the apps, the
> printers heads move. IS this normal and OK or is this indicating
> some IRQ or PORT or DMA conflict?
Either that - or a hardware problem. Run (under DOS) MS ' MSD. It
should give you a first clue on possible address conflicts. It sounds
like both printer ports are addressed at the same time. Then check
the settings in the system setup (main group) in Win. Are the lpt
ports configured uniquely?
Did you remove the soundboard's drivers after removing the board?

Any other hardware that might cause an interrupt?

Too bad that the Quickcam people never learned how to react to a
customer's question. I gave up sending mail to,
it remains unanswered. Sell and forget.

> I have a Dell 386DX (ok laugh, and now back to reading) running WFW
> 3.11 with 12M of Ram. I have a builtin LTP1 port and LPT2 comes
> from an I/O card. The IRQs are 5 & 7 Let me also mention that
> originally I had my SOUND BOARD (Jazz16S) and drivers loaded and
> then I removed them. This DID not solve anything, but I am
> wondering are there resource problems with 386DX's that have sound
> boards and Quickcam.
What about the serial ports? Your modem port will fire some interrupts too
when you are logged in.
> I see this is a lot to digest, but if any of your video hackers out
> there can help, I'd be very interested in hearing from you.

Each question teaches. Nice problem you have :)

Don't flame me, I'm only the keyboard player...

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