Re: Mac PPC 7500 WOES

Aaron S. Magill (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 09:30:36 -0600

I suspect it is *NOT* a virtual memory related problem, as everytime I have
had virtual memory on, I don't even get a local video window, black or

Have you tried connecting the video camera directly to the AV's video
ports? I have a VCR that used to give me the same problem, but when I took
it out and connected the video camera directly to the 7500, it worked fine.

And a problem you may have after you get the video working is a sticky talk
button. I found that Free PPP 2.5 does not work well with CUSeeMe or
Enhanced CUSeeMe on a 7500 or 7600. When I upgraded FreePPP to 2.5v2, the
audio problem went away.

Hope this helps!


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