Re: More on Color vs B&W Connectix Quickcam

JayHill (
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 08:08:16 -0700

Don Castella wrote:
> The color QuickCam works well in 256 Grayscale mode. Although Connectix has
> released a 256 color mode driver, and a VIDEC driver for the built-in
> hardware compression engine in the camera, I have been unable to use either
> one of these color drivers with White Pine ECU ver. 2.02x or 2.1 Beta.
> The other uncompressed color driver modes work with ECU, but there is some
> fuzziness of the received picture. As discussed earlier, these drivers
> require considerable computing power. A Pentium 133 should be adequate for
> this task.

My pent-100mhz system really starts to slow down on the new
connectix color drivers aND wp 2.02 , AS LONG AS THE LOCAL VIDEO
THE NEW connectix drivers seem to give me a sharper
local video , but i tryed 256 color mode and the wpines
software wants to get stuck in that mode now at start up
now mater what mode I used last , i even tryed editing
cuseeme.ini but i still am stuck in 256 color mode at start up
and have to change back to 32000 color mode each day!

IT also seems like the reflector site database/dailer
should check for dupe reflector IP address , It's a pain
to text serch nickname.ini by hand for dupe's everytime i
wanna add a new reflector.
also a few sort options would be handy.

redownloading the 3.2 meg wpine s/ware is geting old i think
im going to send in my $70 now that there is 256 color support.

Have a good one