CU-seeme HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Draper (
Fri, 27 Sep 96 08:37:29 +0100 ( + )

I am setting up cuseeme for the first time. When I try to load the appli=
cation I get the

Gethostname() failed (10014)

I have updated me Hosts file to include my TCP/IP address and a hostname,=
but this doesn't
seem to help.

I am running Windows 95. However, my Internat dialer is a Windows 3.1 =
version, as I have a
Windows 3.1 version of WINSOCK. I am therfore using Windows 3.1 version =
of cuseeme

Has anyone else encountered this problem at initial setup and does anyone=
have a
suggestion for how I might overcome it?