audio "challange" on the Mac
Fri, 27 Sep 96 08:02:35 CDT

Someone else recently used the word challenge to indicate that they were
probably pulling their hair out in regards to a problem so....

Here's mine: I am running cu software (0.85b1) on an Mac LC475, 8 megs of ram,
ISDN connection, using quickcam with the latest software upgrade, using the
quickcam mic for the audio. When I am connected to a reflector I can send audio
fine but always have trouble receiving it. I have triple checked all my volume
settings under the control panel and nothing. I do a point-to-point connection
to a collegue across the hall who is running the exact same setup and he can
hear me but I can't hear him! I did make one p-to-p connection across the
country and we heard each other fine.

Anyone got any ideas?